How to Repair Granular Loss on a Roof

April 2, 2023

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Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll make in your lifetime. So, as homeowners, it is critical to pay close attention to things that may go wrong with your home. Even the smallest problem could lead to one of the most costly expenses if you leave it unchecked. This is certainly the case when it comes to roofing. Something as simple as a small crack in a shingle could eventually lead to a huge leak and mold problem in your attic space if you don't deal with it right away. So, if your roof is losing granules, it’s time that you address this issue sooner rather than later via roof repair. But what are granules, how do you know if your roof is missing them, and how do you repair granular loss on the roof?

asphalt shingle roof needs repair

What Is The Purpose of Roof Granules?

Roof granules are typically most visible on asphalt roof shingles. Granules or there to help add an extra layer of protection for your roof shingles. They help to deflect the UV rays of the sun from your house, which protects the roof from excess heat throughout the year. They also give your roof a gritty texture, helping with improving the aesthetic appeal of your roof. Roof granules also offer your roof additional fire resistance.

How To Know If Your Roof is Losing Granules

Granules on your asphalt room should last about as long as the shingles last, which is upwards of 20 years. However, your roof may lose granules long before the lifetime of the roof ends. In this case, if your roof is losing granules, you will usually know in two common ways.

Some of Your Roof Shingles Look Different From Others

If you have a roof with a high pitch, it is easy for you to observe whether your roof granules are missing. High-pitched roofs are those that have a steep angle. So, when you look up at your roof, you can see what’s going on with it, whether it is missing shingles, growing moss, or experiencing discoloration. So, if you are able to see your roof from the street, one of the most obvious ways you’ll know you’re losing granules is that some of your shingles look drastically different than others. While some of your shingles will look normal, shingles with missing granules will look like they’ve been sanded with sandpaper. Or it could be like your roof has bald spots.

You May See Granules Lying Around

Another way you’ll know that you have granules falling off your asphalt shingles is that you will see them accumulating around the base of your home after it rains. As it rains, the rainwater will wash the granules off the roof and into the gutters. So, you may see granules near the downspouts of your gutters. Depending on the color of your roof, you will notice tiny, rock-like structures or dust-like particles laying around your property, usually near the base of your foundation.

What Happens When You Lose Roof Granules?

If you have a new roof and you see these particles laying around, don't be alarmed. Some granules will come off of a new roof. However, if you see granules coming off of the roof long after you have had roof installation, it is possible that there is a significant problem with your roofing shingles. Since roofing granules are there to protect your roof from UV rays and keep your roof cool, if you are missing excessive granules, your roof may be exposed to excessive amounts of UV rays. This could expose your attic to excessive amounts of heat in specific areas where the granules are missing.

Additionally, missing granules may leave your roof shingle exposed to moisture. So, this could start allowing moisture to get into your roof shingles which could lead to leaks in your attic space and eventually could lead to wood rot or roof collapse if left untreated for an extended time.

Reason Roof Granules May Be Falling Off the Roof

As mentioned before, when you first get your roof, you may notice some granule loss, but it shouldn’t be much. If your roof isn’t new and you notice significant granule loss collecting near the base of your home, here are some reasons they could be falling off. According to NACHI, there could be many reasons why you're roof is experiencing granular loss. Here are a few of them.

  • Your roof installation crew may have used poorly made roofing material.
  • It’s time for new roof shingles because you have an aging roof.
  • Your shingles may be experiencing early signs of wear and tear.
  • There may be too much foot traffic exposure on your roof.
  • Hail damage may have knocked granules off the roof.
  • Heavy rains are knocking a substantial amount of granules off.

How To Repair Granular Loss on a Roof With Asphalt Shingles

If you notice that your roof has a few granules missing, it may be tempting to buy some roof granules that are the same color as your roof and replace the missing roof granules. However, this is not the best option. If you’re not a roofing contractor, you may be doing more harm than good by filling in roof shingles with granules you’ve purchased from a local retailer. For instance, your roof may be damaged by hail storms. As a result, you may need a new roof entirely, and in many cases, it is covered by insurance. If you try to fix the problem yourself, this may interfere with an insurance claim. Trying to repair roof granules may also interfere with your roof warranty. In essence, replacing granules may cause further damage to your existing roof.

The Best Solution for Loose Granules

When it comes to granule loss, sometimes the best solution is to hire a professional roofing company to solve the problem. If the granule loss is not major, they may recommend replacing damaged roofing shingles. If granule loss is weather-related, they can help you get started with an insurance claim. Also, if the granule loss is because your roof is old, they will recommend that you get a roof replacement. Bottom line, instead of trying to come up with a DIY solution to fix granules on your roof, it is ideal to let an experienced roofer determine the best solution.

how to repair granular loss on roof

Hire An Expert

Don’t make matters worse with your roof! Want to know how to repair granular loss on a roof? Hire a professional roofer to get to the heart of why your roof is losing granules and recommend the best solution. The pros at The Garland Roofers can inspect your roof for FREE and can provide you with a FREE estimate on any of their top-rated roofing services. Call today to learn more about your options and establish regular maintenance or get roof repair.

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