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Our company only wants the best for your property when it comes to your roof. That's why we offer FREE roof inspections in Garland. Without an inspection, a contractor is making repairs blindly.

What are the underlying issues? That's a question that only an evaluation can answer. If we don't repair the root cause of the damages, then we aren't really fixing the problem.

We aren't a company that simply applies a bandaid to your roof and calls it good. In fact, our contractors like to think of themselves as roofing detectives.

Over the years, we've honed and perfected our skills and can accurately pinpoint why a roof has become damaged in the first place. It is our hope that you'll take advantage of a no-cost inspection and schedule an appointment with our team today.

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How Can Having a Professional Roof Inspection Benefit Me?

Did you know that when searching "roof inspectors near me in Garland," our name always comes to the top? It's what landed you on our page, after all. There's a reason for that. We're incredibly good at what we do! Check out some of the most common benefits of roof inspection:

  • Fast Leak Detection - Even the smallest leak can cause significant problems with your roof, including mold growth and the breakdown of materials.
  • Ensures Proper Drainage - Did you know that your gutters are part of your roofing system? An inspection reveals any issues with them, like clogging.
  • Destructive Roof Testing - We'll look for minor damages and issues that can lead to future destruction, such as the presence of termites and small leaks.
  • Potential Hazards Exposed - Not all roofing problems are detectable and require a trained eye to spot them, and that's just what we do during an inspection.
  • Promotes Longevity - Having routine roof inspections ensures your materials are in the best shape possible, and if they are not, repair or replacement can take place.

Did you know that roof inspections keep your roof looking great? Of course, everyone wants their home to have excellent curb appeal! You can learn more about this valuable roofing service by poking around our frequently updated blog.

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Delaying Garland Roof Inspection? That's Not a Good Idea!

Your roof is the literal cover of your home or commercial property. It is what separates you and your contents from the elements. Unfortunately, even the smallest hole can cause leaks to form and mold to grow. In some cases, you won't even know there is a hazard above your head until it's too late. That's what makes professional roof inspections in Garland so important. During an inspection, we are able to see damages, no matter how minor, before they become costly problems.

Waiting on roof repairs can be a grave mistake because it could cause you to be in default of your insurance policy, cause structural damages, and even harm you, your family, or employees in a commercial setting.

Therefore, if you haven't had a roof inspection on a property you are considering buying, please do not sign on the dotted line until you do! It'd be a tragedy for your new home to wind up being a lemon due to a faulty roofing system. So are you ready to get on our schedule today for a no-obligation roof inspection?

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Nothing Beats a Garland, TX, Roof Inspection by Our Team!

The Garland Roofers values inspections beyond all other services that it offers. Why? Because an inspection is like the crystal ball before repairs. It allows us to see exactly what we're dealing with and which fixes make the most sense.

We aren't the type of company to recommend repairs that we are not 100% sure of. That is a very irresponsible thing to do, and it costs consumers more money and, in some cases, doesn't even fully repair the problem.

Our goal is to keep our rates affordable and our repairs successful, and we do that by meticulous inspections. You can count on our team for accurate answers and reporting.

We'll let you know in detail what we find after our review concludes, and we can let your mortgage or insurance company know as well.



See what our customers have to say:
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"When we needed a last minute roof inspection for a house we had an offer on, no roofing companies we called could do it for us such short notice. Thankfully, when we called The Garland Roofers, they had an opening in their schedule for us. They completed the roof inspection next day and gave their seal of approval. We were so happy it happened the way it did, the inspector was wonderful to work with and very professional throughout."
- Michelle B.

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Are you looking for affordable, honest roofing services? The Garland Roofers have your back! Our services range from full-scale roof repair to replacement and new construction. Every service that we offer is available for residential and commercial customers.

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Make the best decision for your home or commercial property and call our crew for roof repair, installation, replacement, and inspection. Call us at (469) 405-9861
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