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Since 2012, our company has been operating as Garland's most reputable roof repair team. Not only do we offer the lowest rates in the local area, but we use top-quality tools, equipment, and materials to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

There's no such thing as a job half done when you hire us. Your roofing system is one of the most important components of your home or business. Without it, all other structures and contents are at risk. That's why, it's of utmost importance to invest in roof repair in Garland TX.

Our contractors are skilled roofers who have the experience and dedication needed to pinpoint the root cause of your damages. We fix your roof as a whole and never simply place a bandaid over the problem. Do you know that we offer all our customers FREE inspections and estimates? Call us today to schedule yours with our roofers in Garland!

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Why Hiring a Professional Roofer for Repairs is Essential

Whether you require straightforward or emergency roof repair in Garland, it is wise to call upon a professional contractor with experience. Our team has many years of on-the-job training and can tackle any roofing damages. Here are some more benefits to hiring a pro:

  • Damage Prevention - Trying to take on your own roof repairs can lead to further damages such as making a leak worse by not using the correct products, etc.
  • Matters of Safety - Hiring a professional is much safer than climbing onto your roof yourself. We have the proper safety gear to ensure nobody takes a tumble into the front yard.
  • Superior Quality Materials - Going to the Home Depot or Lowes is fine and dandy for small home improvement projects. Still, when it comes to roofing, big box stores don't have the professional-grade materials that licensed contractors have access to.
  • Increased Home Value - When you have certification of expert roof repairs, your home will increase in value. A potential buyer will have far more confidence in the roofing system being secure when they know a structural engineer has applied necessary repairs.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to team up with a fully insured and competent roofing company. The future of your home depends on it. Would you like to learn more about our repair methods? Please visit the company blog HERE.


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Dealing with Roof Damages in Garland? Get Expert Repair NOW!

Both residential and commercial roof repair in Garland, Texas, is highly necessary services should damages of any caliber be present. When it comes to roofing, damages will only worsen and take other structures down with them if not quickly remedied. A small leak in the roof will eventually become more extensive.

Did you know that even the tiniest roof leak repair leads to mold and mildew growth within your wood? Sometimes, you may not even realize mold is present until you and your family begin noticing health issues. Not good! In the worst-case scenario, roof damages can lead to a total collapse, which is extremely dangerous and costly to fix.

The good news is most roof damages can be repaired quickly and successfully, but the key is tackling the problem at the first sign. Our contractors will thoroughly inspect the roofing system to understand how and why the surface damages happened in the first place.

We do not charge for that service. Then, we'll give you repair recommendations followed by a rock-solid estimate that never fluctuates or contains hidden fees. Are you ready to get started?

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Garland's #1 Roof Repair Team is at Your Service!

The Garland Roofers is a dedicated company that cares about the well-being of your roofing system. We only use top-rated roofing materials to ensure our repairs last for the long haul. We never walk off a job before it is complete.

With our team at the helm, you can expect to be kept in the know for the entire duration of your repair services. We'll never make a decision without running it past you first. That's part of the reason why our rates are so low because we aren't in the business of applying unnecessary repairs or recommending roof replacements when the structure can easily be repaired.

As a reputable local business, we value integrity and always being honest with our clients. Hiring us means you'll never get the run-around. Feel free to reach us via phone, email, or our convenient online contact form. Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency roof repair, so call us when you need us the most!



See what our customers have to say:
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"When we needed a last minute roof inspection for a house we had an offer on, no roofing companies we called could do it for us such short notice. Thankfully, when we called The Garland Roofers, they had an opening in their schedule for us. They completed the roof inspection next day and gave their seal of approval. We were so happy it happened the way it did, the inspector was wonderful to work with and very professional throughout."
- Michelle B.

Explore All of Our Incredible Roof Repair Services Here in Garland, TX!

Are you searching for a roofer you can trust that offers all the services needed to ensure the longevity of your system? Welcome to The Garland Roofers! We provide roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers, including repair, replacement, installation, new construction, and FREE inspections. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment.

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